Cristi Earnshaw is THE Abundance Whisperer.

Cristi was born with a unique gift.  Ever since she was 6 years old, she started moving and clearing objects, i.e., cleaning, at her mother’s business when she “saw” that it somehow blocked the flow of money.  Soon after, money would flow into her mom’s business as if by magic.  As she got older and did this for other people, they noticed the same incredible trend.

Cristi started to call herself a home or office organizer, but she could not do the usual tasks that organizers to: that is, just organize what was already there more efficiently.  She “saw” that somethings just had to go.  She walks into a space (or sees it via Skype or cell phone video) where in the home or office is blocked.  This means blocked of a flow that has to do with abundance and ease.  These are points of low energy that keeps you from having the abundance you desire.

She finds that those items that have been neglected for a long time, that is, sitting in your environment taking up space because they are (a) old, (b) flawed such as damaged, soiled, or full of holes, or (c) just plain ugly, they block the flow of abundance for you, your family and your coworkers.  She sees which items create the most resistance and moves them out of your space by either donating, recycling, giving them away or just plain throwing them out.

Her clients just rave at how incredibly freeing and magical her abilities are as they see their wealth increase all on their own.

Someone said, Cristi, you are not just an organizer, you are an “abundance whisperer”.  Let Cristi open the doors to let you receive the wealth that’s been around you all along.  Call her at 818.481.4909 or contact her here to make an appointment to let her do her magic on your home or office.

Cristi is also a Reiki master, that is, she can manipulate healing energy too. If you need a healing, let her know.

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