Abundance Whispering

Abundance Whispering

In an ‘Abundance Whispering’ session, we start of with setting intentions, calling in the Angels of Abundance, and we give you new, metaphysical tools to apply in your home for maximum releasing of items that no longer serve you.  Then we go around the home and intuitively read the energy of your belongings to see what is helping or blocking your New Abundance from coming into your life.  Then we finish with a summary of the best way to start and what exactly to do for maximum Highest Energy and Harmony in your home.

90 Minute Skype Consultation $175.00

2 Hour Personal Consultation, 1-2 Bedrooms $195.00

2 Hour Personal Consultation, 3 Bedrooms or Larger $250.00

Abundance Whispering for your Business

This service is specialized for business owners and entrepreneurs who think ‘outside the box’ to serve their clients.  We look at the office area in the home to intuitively see how to open up the Money Energy there. Then apply new, metaphysical ideas for marketing your business for the Highest Good for the entrepreneur and client.  This is perfect for business owners who understand that each business should be specialized in their marketing approach depending on the business and are forward-thinkers.

2 Hour Personal or Skype Consultation $185.00

Abundance Whispering For Your Soul

This is a phone consultation following any ‘Abundance Whispering’ Consultation when a client would like to talk about any resistance issues or needs basic spiritual consulting. Perfect for anyone who has a few questions or would like to talk through anything going on in their lives.

$75.00 per Hour

Prosperity Projects

We call this service ‘spiritual de-cluttering’.  We use our metaphysical knowledge and organizing skills to help clients release 3-4 times more together than on their own.  I’ve been de-cluttering homes since I was a kid and can feel the energy around me to be able to help the client raise their Environmental Energy to the highest potential.  This service goes beyond basic de-cluttering and makes a major transformation in as little as one session!

$75.00 per Hour, 3 Hour Minimum